PLL Recap: Which Girl Had it the Hardest on Last Night’s Ep?

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Well, kiddos, we are certainly inching closer and closer to finding out who “A” is on Pretty Little Liars. Finally! But not gonna lie, more and more suspects are popping up and more and more of the little liars’ family members (well, really just Spencer’s) are getting pretty sketchy. So which girl had it the hardest on last night’s ep, “Father Knows Best?” The rundown is all below…

1. What happened with Emily? Poor Emily, essentially losing two of her favorite people in one night! First, after that whole Maya-leaving-Rosewood thing happened last week, Em tries to find answers and figure out exactly what happened. So, with her father’s urging, she goes to the train station, where a guy tells her she bought a ticket to San Fran but ended up possibly getting into a dark car outside the train station instead. Then later, at the father/daughter dance, Emily’s dad tells her he’s leaving for Afghanistan — that night. Yikes.


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2. What happened with Hannah? Remember when Hanna’s mom Ashley found that Hanna’s police report that “A” sent out? Well, now Ashley and the cop are trying to get to the bottom of it and are urging Hanna to tell them how it got out and, duh, who that strange person that’s been texting her is. But when Hanna refuses to spill the deets, Aria eventually tells Ashley that she was the one who sent out the police report to scare Hanna about going to jail so that she’d stop shoplifting and stay out of trouble. Obvs Aria’s lying and just said that to get Ashley off their backs, though. Come on. No one’s Photoshopping skills are that good.


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3. What happened with Aria? Aria is having doubts about attending the father/daughter dance since she and Byron are, um, not on the best of terms, but her brother Mike urges her to go so that Byron won’t assume she’s hanging out with Ezra or something (PS, why wasn’t Ezra in this episode?!). But the hostility is clearly still there, and Aria blows up at her dad at the dance saying she’s not his little girl anymore. Awkward. But we can’t forget that at the end of the ep, as Aria put on Vivian’s aka Alison’s red trench coat because she was cold, some guy mistakes her for Vivian. Oh, this is getting good.


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4. What happened with Spencer? Mr. Hastings is just getting more and more sketch! Not even a gorgeous diamond necklace for her to wear to the father/daughter dance can redeem Spencer’s dad for all the crap he pulled last night. Spencer digs through her dad’s things to find out that he gave Allison $15,000 a few days before her disappearance even though he said he didn’t, OH, and also, that he hired a private investigator after her death to give Melissa — no, NOT Jason — an alibi. What’s worse — that or the fact that Melissa admitted to sending Ali threatening texts?!


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Who do you think had it the worst this week? Will Hanna’s mom catch on? Will Bryon and Aria’s relationship ever go back to normal? Do you think “A” has something to do with Maya’s disappearance? Go ahead, tell us!

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