PLL Recap: Which Girl Had it the Hardest on Last Night’s Ep?

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We are sensing a theme on last night’s Pretty Little Liars ep, “Breaking the Code.” Side ponytails! Mona, Ashley and Aria all wore them! But no, the real theme we’re talking about is, um, everyone and their mom (legit) finding out about “A.” Guess it’s all leading up to “A”‘s big reveal at the end of March! But in the meantime, let’s discuss this episode and which girl had it the hardest, shall we?

1. What happened with Aria? We felt really badly for Aria at first when she told her friends she was still seeing Ezra and she didn’t have Spencer’s support. Then we felt worse when Ezra told her he might take a job in New Orleans since their relationship, thanks to her dad, clearly isn’t working anyway. But then we felt a little better when Aria’s mom, seeing how upset she was from the maybe-breakup, went over to talk to Ezra and Aria (at his apartment, awkward) about the relationship. Does this mean there’s still hope for Ezria after all?!pretty-little-liars-breaking-the-code-recap-aria

2. What happened with Emily? After losing her girlfriend, Maya, to um, rehab due to pot-smoking, Emily is all sorts of depressed. That is until Paige, her fellow swim team member who we forgot about until this episode, is back. Emily thinks all is going swimmingly (ha, get it?) with Paige, who even came out to her parents, and confides in her about how upset she is over the Maya thing. Paige is supportive, so Emily thinks that could mean she likes her, but when she leans in for a kiss, she gets rejected because she “didn’t mean it like that.” Awkward.pretty-little-liars-recap-emily

3. What happened with Hannah?: Well, we should really ask what happened with Mona, because now Mona is also falling victim to “A”‘s crazy threats. “A” even threatens to put Hannah’s pic of her doing community service in the paper if Mona doesn’t come clean about her own record. But things get worse when Hanna’s mom finds the note from “A,” asks the officer about it, and he has no idea how the chart got out — which basically means that now all these people have suspicions of “A.”pretty-little-liars-aria-breaking-the-code-hanna

4. What happened with Spencer? Spenc still hasn’t told her friends that Jason is, ya know, her half-brother, but he’s not even her sketchiest sibling. Melissa is being all sorts of weird, telling Spencer she needs to talk to her about that thing she never got to tell her at Ian’s funeral. But what’s even weirder is that when Ashley finds a note from a law firm on Hanna’s bed, Ashley reveals that she used that firm for her divorce because Melissa used to intern there. Oh, and that law firm has the same address as “A”, according to the guy that Vivian Darkwood owed all that money to. WHOA! Things are finally coming together!spencer-melissa-breaking-the-code

Who do you think had it the worst this week? Do you think Melissa is “A”? Do you kinda like it that now more and more people are finding out about “A”? Go ahead, tell us!

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