PLL Recap: Which Little Liar Had it the Hardest on Last Night’s Ep?

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We’ve gotta say, luck was definitely on the sides of the Pretty Little Liars girls last night. At least, as much luck as poss in all their situations. Guess someone was just not on his/her “A” game, eh? But even with all their good fortunes, there’s still plenty of dramz to dish on. So who had the suckiest night during the “CTRL A” ep? Let’s find out…

1. What happened with Hanna? As we saw at the end of last week’s show, Caleb’s laptop was snagged from his bag. So of course this week, Garrett claimed that Caleb was “hacking into school computers” and needed to take his laptop — and eventually him — to the police station. But before Caleb goes, he tells Hanna his password to hack in when possible. So before Garrett and Wilden can access the files “A” planted, Hanna presses CTRL-A (get it now?) and Delete to erase everything. In your face, “A”/Garrett/Wilden!

2. What happened with Spencer? After learning the shocking news that Jason’s actually her half-brother, Spencer’s been going out of her way to get more details from him. Like, why does he keep harassing her their dad? Then the truth comes out: Jason found another one of Alison’s hidden boxes, and it was full of love letters from Mr. Hastings to Mrs. DiLaurentis — and $15,000 in cash! So does this mean that Alison hit Spencer’s dad up for cash to keep her mouth shut? Mr. Hastings obviously denies it, but we’re sure the truth will come out eventch…

3. What happened with Aria? We were right when we said that Holden was a part of some kinda fight club. That’s why he needs Aria to keep up their charade, so he can keep doing his underground martial arts. There’s a twist, though — Holden’s got a heart condition! But Aria still agrees to keep ‘dating’ him so he can do what he loves. This was also the perfect time to learn Holden’s secret, ’cause while Aria ditched Ezra to watch Holden’s match, Aria’s dad was waiting at the restaurant where Ezria was supposed to meet up. Phew.

4. What happened with Emily? Since Emily’s back on the Sharks (thanks to Mona), she helps them win a big fat trophy. So to celebrate, Hanna’s mom agrees to let them have a party with the whole team and friends at their house. But even without “A”‘s help, Emily’s night was still ruined after she sees Maya smoking pot in the backyard. (WTF, girl? You were sent away for this exact reason the last time.) So she leaves Em with a choice — run away with her to San Francisco so she can avoid being sent to True North again, or stay in Rosewood and lose her for the second time. Decisions, decisions…

Do you think Garrett’s gonna go after Caleb again? And what’s gonna happen to Holden now that we know about his condition? And most importantly, which girl had the worst night in your opinion? Go ahead, tell!

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