PLL Recap: Which Little Liar Had it the Hardest on Last Night’s Ep?

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Last night’s Pretty Little Liars, “The Naked Truth,” was lacking something very important– drama! JK. There was plenty of that to go around. Ezra. It was missing hot Ezria makeout sessions like this one. But aside from the lack of sucking face, which of the four girls had the most sucky time? We’re here to figure it all out for ya. And uh, we think it’s now safe to say that Spencer is no longer the forgotten little liar

1. What happened with Emily? All four of the girls and their Rosewood students take part in the school’s workshop, Truth Up, where they get put into groups and have to do all these ridic exercises. Em gets put in a group with Mona. After Mona and the school’s principal see Emily complain about how the school is “unsafe and unwelcoming,” Mona helps Emily see that the principal is the one who won’t let her swim. Mona also hacks into his computer to prove to Emily that some of the football guys bribed him to get back on their team, so that Emily will just have to do the same thing…


2. What happened with Aria? Aria thinks she has Holden’s secret all figured out when she sees some pills fall out of his bag in preperation for Truth Up night. He’s a druggie, duh! But when he says, “That’s not it at all,” Aria is confused…that is until she goes up to the school’s roof and almost gets beat up by Noel, until Holden comes swooping in and going all karate on him. So he’s in a fight club, right? That would explain that nasty bruise…


3. What happened with Hanna? Everyone at school thinks Hanna’s a bully because she allegedly sent out those nudie pics of Kate last week, but with a bit of detective work, and, uh, by realizing that Kate has a mole on her torso that wasn’t seen in the nudie pic, she realizes the whole thing was PhotoShopped. AKA, Kate made those pics and sent them out herself to make Hanna look bad. Mission accomplished — until Aria and Emily record the convo where Kate admits what she did. Busted.


4. What happened with Spencer? When Jason agrees to volunteer at Rosewood’s Truth Up night, things start to get fishy. But what’s fishier is why Jason’s constantly asking Spencer where her dad is? (Also note his super hot new haircut.) And why won’t Spencer’s mom let Jason talk to him? Oh, we know. Maybe it’s because JASON IS SPENCER’s BROTHER?! Yup. Spencer’s dad is Jason’s dad, which is all sorts of gross considering Jason and Melissa made out once. Ew. But honestly, we think there might be nothing worse than having a creepy half-brother like Jason…


Oh, and we should probably also mention that the girls found a phone number in Vivian Darkbloom AKA Alli’s coat jacket that they picked up from the cleaner and called it — and they’re going to meet up with the strange man on the other line next week.


But in the meantime, which little liar got your sympathy this week? Think Holden will come clean about his secret? Will Spencer tell the girls about her, uh, relationship to Jason? Tell us your thoughts and predictions in the comments!

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