PLL Recap: Which Little Liar Had it the Hardest on Last Night’s Ep?

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Compared to last week’s ep of Pretty Little Liars, this week’s, “The Blonde Leading the Blind,” was relatively uneventful. But since we’re talking about Rosewood here, that’s not saying much, and there was still plenty of drama (relationship and otherwise) and questions we’re still asking ourselves. But let’s recap what happened with each girl, and then figure out whose life sucked the most last night, shall we?

Let’s begin…

1. What happened with Emily? Well, uh, not much. But we feel pretty bad for Emily that after Toby broke his arm and was in the hospital nursing his cast, Spencer made her do the dirty work and break up with him. But it’s of course to “protect him,” you guys.


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2. What happened with Spencer? Well, not only did Spencer, uh, Emily end things with Toby, but at the end of the ep, Toby leaves nothing but his truck and a note saying that he’s gone. Dayum. But also, Spencer kinda gets the bad friend award this episode, considering that she and Emily told Caleb what he needed to know about the whole “A” thing… without Hanna knowing. But speaking of Hanna…


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3. What happened with Hanna? As much as Hanna wanted to tell Caleb about “A”, especially since he was the one doing all the phone tapping and stuff, she just couldn’t do it (see above). And then when Caleb asks her why they’re looking into Alli’s murder even though someone confessed, she gets mad and throws the hard-drive with the encrypted video of Jenna, Garrett and Jason in the blender. Very mature move, girl.


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4. What happened with Aria? Even though Holden admits that he’s not gay, Aria’s friends (and us) still think something is way off about that boy. But anyway, Aria calls Ezra to tell him to meet her at a certain point so they can talk in person and so that she can know that there’s still something going on between them. So he shows up, they stop traffic by making out in the rain, and they decide to stay together. Woohoo. As for Holden? He totally went along with it and even made Ella believe that it was them on a date, not Aria and Ezra. So he’s good for something, we guess.


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So, which girl do you feel bad for? Do you think Spoby is done for real? Will Hanna and Caleb ever forgive each other? Tell us in the comments!

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