PLL Recap: The Top 5 OMG Moments from “Know Your Frenemies”

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Dare we say that last night’s episode of Pretty Little Liars was the best yet? And by best we kinda mean creepiest, OMG-iest, and closest to finding out how Allison disappeared, but that’s what makes good TV, right?

BUZZ: The 5 OMG moments from last week’s episode!

From Maya’s sudden departure to “Hefty Hanna” making a comeback, click on for our top 5 OMG moments from last night’s episode, “Know Your Frenemies!”

5. “A” harasses Hanna, offering her the money that was stolen the week before. But, the catch? She must eat 6 cupcakes, in public, so that everyone in Rosewood thinks she’s back to her “Hefty Hanna” ways. Mean.
4. Maya gets shipped off to juvie, no thanks to Emily’s mom! Emily’s mom snoops through Maya’s things and finds drugs, tattles to her parents, and gets her shipped off to juvie camp for three months. At least Maya and Em got to spend one last romantic night together at Spencer’s before she left…
3. Noel tells Aria’s brother about Mr. Fitz and a student! Granted he doesn’t say that it was his sister having the affair with the teacher, but Noel drops the bomb on Mike that Ezra’s been hooking up with a student and will be resigning.
2. Just as Ezra is about to resign, we find out that Noel gets in trouble for cheating on the midterms. We know “A” set him up, because “‘A’ stands for Allison not ‘amateur,'” but will Ezra still quit his job if he knows that the person who almost got him fired could be getting expelled? Hmm, that’s a toughie.
1. Spencer realizes that Ian, her sister’s hubby, and Allison were together in Hilton Head the weekend before she disappeared. But what’s worse? The video that “A” showed the girls at the end of the episode, where they see Allison and Ian together, and then Allison lying on the ground, seemingly dead! Does that mean Ian is Allison’s killer?!

Ah! We still have so many questions! Do you think Ezra will stay at Rosewood? Is Ian Allison’s killer? Will you miss Maya? Share below!