PLL Recap: The Top 5 OMG Moments From Last Night’s Episode

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Saying that we were glued to our TVs would normally be an exaggeration, but when it came to last night’s episode of Pretty Little Liars, we would have physically glued ourselves to our couches if we could’ve. So many things happened (and we made so much leeway as to who “A” might be) that it’s definitely no surprise that the show got picked up for season 2. Woohoo!

PHOTO: Ezra and Aria share a sweet smooch!

So, what went down on PLL last night? Read on for the 5 most OMG moments of the eppie!

5. Emily and Maya take the next step in their relationship when Maya comes to the Fields’ house for dinner. All seemed to be going fine, until Emily’s mom admitted to be weirded out by the situation and not OK with her daughter have a girlfriend. Poor Em.
4. Spencer’s boyfriend Alex gets offered an amazing summer opportunity, but he’s just not interested in it. All seems to be going well for the cute couple until the end of the eppie when we find out that “A” submitted Alex’s application to the program. Alex blames Spencer and, well, yeah, now they’re dunzo.
3. Mona decides to throw Hanna a “Welcome Home” surprise party at Hanna’s house and invites pretty much the whole grade. All was fun and games until Noel showed up and the girls acted really weird around him, and until someone stole thousands of dollars from Hanna’s mom, which was hidden in a box of lasagna. Oh yeah, and things got awkward when Lucas admitted to destroying Allison’s shrine. Talk about a party pooper.
4. Toby returns from jail, and him and Emily have a heartfelt talk on his porch. But, more importantly, we find out that Jenna was the one that turned Toby in, not Emily. And ew, we had to be reminded of that gross incestuous relationship between the bro and sis. Not OK, Jenna. Not OK.
5. We know that Noel knows about Aria and Ezra, but it seemed like in this ep he wasn’t keeping his promise to Aria about holding onto the secret. Noel pretty much threatened Mr. Fitz to raise his grade “or else,” even though Noel insists he was just trying to get the grade he deserved. Hm. Even we don’t really know who to believe here.

Ok, so do you think you know who “A” is? Do you think Hanna’s secret about being poor and Ezra and Aria’s secret relationship will get out to the whole school? Tell us your thoughts below!