PLL Preview: Emily’s Swim Meet Is About to Get Fishy

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On last week’s ep of Pretty Little Liars, we saw things get ugly between Emily and her new swim team frenemy, Paige.

RECAP: Get a refresher on last week’s drama at PrettyLittleLiars.com.

That biotch! And, from the looks of the pics from tonight’s episode, we’re thinking the drams between Em and Paige is only going to get worse. Yikes.

We see here the girls at Emily’s swim meet — what good BFFs they are! But they look just a tad big concerned with, uh, whatever it is they’re watching. What do you think is going to happen tonight at the swim meet?

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Also, tonight’s episode is entitled “Je Suis une Amie.” And for those of you who don’t speak French (aka us), PrettyLittleLiars.com has translated it to mean “I am a Friend.” So, who do you think the “friend” is in this episode? Could it be Caleb, who, as we see from the clip below, wants to be a bit more than Hanna’s friend?

Tell us below what you think is going to happen on tonight’s episode. Would you want to see Emily and Paige as friends? Should Caleb and Hanna date?