PLL Preview: The Little Liars Apparently Are Really Into Lying

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Lying to your friends is OK — admit it, we all fib every now and then — but lying to cops? Not OK. Which is why we’re pretty sure the girls on Pretty Little Liars are about to get themselves in a lot of trouble on tonight’s episode called “Person of Interest.” It’s the one where Emily, Aria, Spencer and Hanna tell the cops what they know about the night Allison disappeared, but it’s also the episode that…Spencer is going to therapy?!

Check out these preview clips from tonight’s ep and tell us — do you think the girls will get in trouble for lying to the cops and, like, pretty much everyone else?

So, what do you think will happen? Will Spencer’s parents force her into therapy? Will the girls get even more busted? Tell us in the comments!

And PS… Toby and Spencer get a HOTEL room on tonight’s ep! Get the deets at Prettylittleliars.com!