Pretty Little Liars Preview: What Is Jason Hiding in His Shed?

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ABC Family

We think it’s safe to say that Pretty Little Liars has really been giving us the run around lately when it comes to possible murder suspects. Was it Jenna or Garrett? Both? Neither? On tonight’s ep, “Picture This,” signs seem to be pointing towards Jason again as it looks like he’s hiding something…in his shed. But for some reason, we’re having a hard time being convinced he could’ve killed his sister. Maybe we just don’t wanna admit it to ourselves cause he’s just so darn hot!

Watch this clip from “Picture This” and tell us what you think he’s hiding…

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What do you think Jason could be hiding? Do you think there are clues in his garage that could pin Ali’s death on him? Or could he be hiding something for someone else in there? Share your predictions in the comments!