Pretty Little Liars Recap: 5 Questions We’re Still Asking After Last Night’s Ep!

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It was super high creeper alert status on last night’s “Picture This” episode of Pretty Little Liars. Besides the usual suspects being Jenna, Garrett and “A;” we’ve got a new creep to add to the list…Jason! After seeing what he had locked away in his shed, it’s pretty obvs that the boy has some sort of weird obsession with Aria and who knows what else. Also, we had to say goodbye to Caleb, which we’re seriouslyhoping is a temporary thing.

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1. What will Jenna’s surgery mean for our Little Liars? In the beginning of the ep, we find out that Jenna is going to be getting surgery that will help her regain her sight. Considering all the damage she’s already been causing, imagine what she’ll be able to do to the girls once she’s able to see again! Or will being able to see change her for the better? We’re also really wondering why Jenna doesn’t want Jason to remember the night Alison was murdered. Something is seriously sketchy.
2. What is “A’s” deal with Emily? Lately it seems like “A” is after Emily more than anyone else. First, Human Growth Hormone was injected into her pain cream which sent her to the hospital and almost made her lose her spot on the swim team, and now “A” causes Emily and Samara to break up. Why is “A” constantly trying to ruin Emily’s life? We really don’t get it.
3. Why did Jason place the key to his shed above the door rather than back in his pocket? Okay, did anyone else realize that Jason knew Spencer was there watching him? And since he knew, why would he put the key to his shed on top of the shed? Our theory is that deep down Jason wanted Spencer to see what was inside. (aka those super creepy stalker pics of Aria).
4. Seriously, what is up with Mike? O-M-G! Mike’s is the storyline we just want to get out of the way already. He goes from being this total klepto to looking all super depressed and dazed out. We’re not sure what the heck is going on with him, but we’d really like to know. Is he also dealing with crap from “A”?
5. What did Spencer’s mom mean when they had that talk about Jason? Spencer and her mom talked about Spencer’s dad burning that field hockey stick and her mom basically sides with her dad. Besides that, she said something else that really stood out to us, “All you need to know is that the DiLaurentis family is not to be trusted.” Here we thought Jason was the only issue, but apparently it’s Alison’s entire family that the Hastings seem to have a problem with. What type of dirt do the Hastings have on the DiLaurentis that they aren’t sharing?