10 Paige McCullers-Emily Fields Memes That Prove Paily is PLL’s Worst Couple

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Sure, there are some Paige McCullers-Emily Fields shippers out there, but let’s be real here for a second — the majority of Pretty Little Liars fans do NOT like Paily. On their own, both Emily and Paige are actually pretty great characters, but when paired together, things get a little wonky.

Unlike how PLL fans showed their love and support for Emison by creating super-sexy memes, the same group of people expressed their disinterest in Paily by creating funny pics with a very opposite message.

1. Oh, just a little setback…

2. No, really; it’s no big deal at all!

3. True love, y’all.

4. But Emily’s not totally innocent, either!

5. Alison telling it like it is!

6. See?! Even Emily get annoyed with Paige!

7. #BlameMarlene



8. Once you try to drown someone, it seems like all other concerns go out the door…

9. How an actual text convo between Emily and Paige would go:

10. Welp, at least she has herself!



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