Pretty Little Liars Recap: 5 Questions We’re Still Asking After Last Night’s Summer Finale!

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Okay, give us a sec. We’re still trying to wrap our little heads around last night’s Pretty Little Liars summer finale. “Over My Dead Body” (might) have revealed Alison’s killer(s), even though the fab four are being framed for it, but it definitely didn’t tell us who “A” is which is something we really wanna know already. Plus, we got a little visit from Alison, who gave us a riddle we’re still trying to figure out.

Missed last night’s cray cray finale? Click on to see what happened and what q’s we’re still asking!

1. Why didn’t Alison reveal who “A” is when Emily asked? When Em sees Alison after she passes out,  she asks if Alison knew who “A” is. Ali of course knows, but for some reason wouldn’t reveal that answer to her supposed “BFF.” Ali says it’s because “only two can keep a secret if one of them is dead.” Uh, what?! Was Ali killed to be kept quiet about something?

2. Did Jenna and Garrett really confess to killing Alison? That’s def what it sounded like to us! From the start we all thought Jenna was the killer, but we didn’t think the writers would actually go through with that one since it was so obvious. But Jenna did seem proud and very happy that our Little Liars were taking the heat for the murder.We officially no longer feel bad for Jenna. Yea,h she went blind cause of Ali, but let’s be serious, it was an accident. There was no need to kill the girl.

3. Are Spoby officially dunzo forever? Say it ain’t so! We love Spencer and Toby together and seeing them break up last night was super hard to watch. “A” wanted Spencer to break up with Toby and the only person who wanted this for a long time was Jenna. Does that mean Jenna and “A” are one in the same? Or does it mean that “A” is closely connected to Jenna?

4. Will Aria and Ezra be torn apart? Now here’s another couple we see heading to splitsville for good. With Jackie (we hate her, btw) in town and Aria’s mom picking up on the clues, it looks like Ezria doesn’t stand a chance. And we’re still wondering if Ezra wound up telling Ella that he’s with Aria, not Spencer.

5. Who the heck is “A?” “A,” you’re killing us! Just show yourself already. We know for sure that whoever “A” is has some awesome eyes. At the end of the ep, the waitress says “pretty eyes” and this isn’t the first time “A” gets called that.  Could “A” be Jenna post-surgery? Maybe she’s just been walking around pretending to be blind. Or could “A” be Jason? Jason has some baby blues, too…