Pretty Little Liars Preview: Can Mona Be Trusted?

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It’s really hard not to get totes hooked on Pretty Little Liars, especially after such an insane episode like last week‘s. OMG. And this week in “Never Letting Go,” it looks like our fave girls are going to get to have some fun modeling in a fashion show, but in true PLL fashion (get it?), this fun is going to come with some major OMG moments. And it looks like Mona has a little something to do with ’em…

Mona’s been hanging around with Noel a lot lately, and from this clip, it looks like she may be turning against Spencer for whatever reason. Let’s not forget, Mona was BFFS with Hanna at one point, so there is a lot she knows and could probs use against all of the girls. Watch the clip below for deets!

Pretty Little Liars airs tonight at 8pm on ABC Family! And don’t forget to stick around at 9pm for The Nine Lives of Chloe King. Are you looking forward to tonight’s ep? Do think the girls should be careful with Mona? Sound off in the comments!