Pretty Little Liars Recap: 5 Questions We’re Still Asking After Last Night’s Ep!

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After last week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars and this sneak peek clip, we were expecting a whole lot more from “Never Letting Go.” But the highly anticipated fashion show ep didn’t meet our expectations. Sorry! Don’t hate us! But just like last week, this week’s ep left us with tons of questions. You too, right?! (BTW, that’s not one of them…)

If you missed Rosewood’s fashion show last night, then click on to read our recap filled with Q’s the ep left us asking!

1. What is the real reason Jason came back to Rosewood? We all know Ali’s brother moved back to Rosewood and for whatever reason decided to move back into their old house, but no one, including us really knows why he decided to come back. Alison’s mom did say that Jason came into some family money, so we’re starting to wonder if this would be reason enough for him to return to Rosewood. But from what Jason tells Aria, he came back to put the pieces together and look for “something.” What “something” is he looking for? That’s what we really wanna know.

2. Why is Spencer’s dad going crazy over Jason’s comeback? Spencer catches her dad yelling at Jessica DiLaurentis, not once but twice, about Jason being back in town. We’re not sure what reason Spencer’s dad would have for not wanting Jason around. What does he know about Jason (and clearly even his own mom knows) that we don’t? Did Jason do something to the Hastings family? Or is there some other Hastings/DiLaurentis dealings we know nothing about?

3. What was “A’s” message really all about? Okay, did anyone else catch what the screen said after everyone left the fashion show? “My Dresses. My Game. My Rules.” After we saw this, we thought to ourselves that “A” could really be Alison. This would change everything, cause like we said last week, if Ali is alive then we’d need to find out why exactly she decided to pull such a huge stunt. Unless this is just “A’s” way of throwing everyone for a loop!

4. Who tampered with the Liars photo tribute to Ali? Yes, of course we can assume that this was all “A,” but for some reason we feel someone else had to do with this little surprise ending. The changes that were made really made Ali seem like a devil with words reading, “Evil Bitch Monster.” Now who ever did this really hated her and we don’t think “A” hates Ali, at least not enough to put her in such a bad light. Could this have been Noel’s doing? Mona’s? We’re not too sure.

5. Who’s address has the numbers 5214? At the end of the ep, we see that “A” is purchasing a pair of boots. For who? We have no clue. For what? We have even less of an idea about that. But clearly, for whatever or who ever “A” is buying these boots for, lives at 5214. We have no idea who’s address has those numbers and what “A” has planned for them. What sort of evil plan could involve boots? We really, really wanna know!

What did you think of “Never Letting Go?” Did you enjoy seeing the Liars strut their stuff on the runway? What are your theories on what we’ve recapped? Any Q’s still on your mind? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments!