Pretty Little Liars Recap: 5 Things That Got Us Wondering After Last Night’s Awesome Ep!

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If you missed last night’s Pretty Little Liars episode “My Name is Trouble,” you missed getting an answer to one question that’s been our minds (and we’re pretty sure everyone else’s, too). But while the ep may have answered that major one, we’re still left with even more Q’s. What and who is Jason hiding? Who else was involved in Alison’s murder? We love a good ol’ mystery game, but can we please get some more Q’s answered like, ASAP?! Great. Thanks.

Click on to see 5 things from the ep that have our minds totally boggled!

1. What was Alison crying about? We got yet another flashback of Ali and for the first time we see her in sort of a weak state. She runs over to Spencer’s house after getting all pissed at Jason, but we don’t know what happened there. What made her start crying by the window? Is there something Ali knew about Jason and Ian that she saw go down that night? Could this night be the whole motivation behind her murder?
2. What on earth happened to Melissa’s hand? Did anyone else notice the cast? We can’t help but wonder now if she was the one who broke the glass in her own home to make it look like a break in. But if not that, then what reason does she have to have what appears to be a sprained or broken wrist.
3. What is Wren doing back in town and what did he give Melissa? Wren is back! We couldn’t believe that Melissa’s ex was back in town and meeting up with Melissa, in a real sus way no less. But this does answer who she was seeing…we think. What was he giving her though? Is he helping Melissa help Ian? He is a doctor after all, so he could be providing Melissa with meds and first aid materials for Ian.
4. When Spencer shows up to visit Toby, why does Jason automatically assume it’s Melissa? Clearly, Melissa has been going over to his house more than he says and we’re pretty sure it’s not to deliver any mail.
5. Whose shadow does Spencer see at the DiLaurentis house? This was super creepy, but it was pretty obvs that who Spencer saw was definitely a guy. Could it be Ian? If it is Ian, he doesn’t really look hurt. But that is the only person that Jason would need to lie about being there. He does say he’s living there along, but if he is alone then why did we see someone through the window?

What did you think of last night’s ep? What questions are on your mind? Tell us in the comments!