Pretty Little Liars Preview: What or Who Exactly is Jason Hiding?

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ABC Family

And the questions still remain…who killed Alison, who is “A” and where the heck is Ian? But it seems like after tonight’s Pretty Little Liars ep, “My Name is Trouble,” we just might start to get a clearer picture. After last week’s ep, we definitely know that Jason is hiding something, but what? Is he hiding Ian? Does he know something about Ali’s death that we don’t? From the looks of this clip, one thing is for sure, Jason isn’t living alone. Tonight we’re also finding out that Jason and Toby are going to be spending some time together. Will this throw Toby back into the pool of suspects?

Click on to watch a sneak peek of tonight’s “My Name is Trouble” and tell us what you think!

PLL airs tonight at 8pm on ABC Family! What and who do you think Jason is hiding? Do you think Toby knows and is connected somehow to Jason and Ian’s secrets? Sound off in the comments!

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