All the Pretty Little Liars Hotties Who Were Arrested… in Real Life!

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The past few weeks have been ROUGH. Every Tuesday night, there’s a gaping hole in our schedule where Pretty Little Liars used to be, and we don’t know how to deal with it. People have recommended that we find an alternate program to fill the void, but the drama of the Freeform television series is unique; there is no replacement that’s good enough!

BUT, we guess the drama surrounding the TV show’s male cast members should be more than enough to suffice for now, because it’s like watching the results of a train wreck — you can’t help but look. And we’re not simply talking about Tyler Blackburn flashing his butt on Instagram, or Chad Lowe‘s supposed substance abuse — we’re talking about drama so intense, the guys actually got arrested! Here, to fill in your need for dramatic PLL events, are all the hotties from the series who were taken into custody… in real life:

Brandon W. Jones — Recently, word got out that Brandon, who plays Andrew Campbell on the small-screen show, was arrested for assault after an altercation with his neighbor.

According to TMZ, on March 24, the 27-year-old actor “ended a dispute” by allegedly pulling out his handgun “and pointing it at a male neighbor.” While it’s unclear what the argument pertained to, he is currently being charged with a felony: assault with a firearm.

Brandon’s rep insisted “that the gun in Mr. Jones’ possession was fully legal and registered, that he was on his girlfriend’s private property and that he and his girlfriend felt that they were under threat in a dispute with neighbors.” Guess we’ll just have to wait for the verdict on this one.

Ryan Merriman — Ian Thomas spelled major trouble on PLL, and it appears that the same could be said for his off-screen counterpart. At the end of 2011, around the time his character met his end, the now-33-year-old was arrested for driving under the influence. Two months later, he was charged with two counts of DUI: driving under the influence and driving with a blood alcohol level of .08% or more.

Parker Bagley — You may not recognize Parker, but he actually portrayed Jason DiLaurentis on Pretty Little Liars… for two episodes before he was replaced by Drew Van Acker. Had he not been swapped out on the series, then maybe he wouldn’t have been booked for stealing ~$7,000 worth of jewelry and electronics in 2013.

The now-26-year-old pled guilty to misdemeanor petit larceny for snatching two iPads, a BlackBerry, an iPod, three necklaces and a bracelet from a friend’s apartment in NYC. While there’s no clear reason as to his crime, he reportedly joked with photographers after the case, saying, “I’m just glad they didn’t find the bodies, that would have been bad.” WTF?


What about the guys of Pretty Little Liars past? Here’s where they are now: