16 of the Most Inappropriate Memes in the History of Pretty Little Liars

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S/O to ABC Family (soon to be Freeform) for crafting one of the most effed up plot lines in the history of 6 (and 1/2) seasons with one single show; obviously, we’re talking about Pretty Little Liars because where else can you find siblings gettin’ it on with the same guy *Cough, Cough* The Hasting Sisters *Cough, Cough* a HS students showing her love for her crush by nearly drowning her (side eye, Paige McCullers), infidelity in almost every household and, our personal favorite, a student-teacher love story that is so wrong, but yet so right. #TeamEzria.

PLL is full o’ surprises season after season, so it should have come as no surprise when we came across these incredibly inappropriate memes, but even we weren’t prepared for them! Get ready for your favorite effed up show to get just a little more effed up:

1. ‘Bout right:

2. PSA to all the parents at Rosewood High School:

3. Yup, he went there.

4. #Ezria, the thirstiest of couples.



5. LOL.

6. Aria, girl, wasn’t one brother enough?

7. This is just wrong!

8. Is this why Ezria was so on-again-off-again?!

9. The most demanding of the Little Liars:



10. We all know what “performance” is code for…

11. Will she ever learn?!

12. Apparently, “Emilson” weren’t the only ones havin’ fun:

13. Wha —

14. Hmmm… What exactly do you want in your dreams, Em?

15. Soo typical, Hanna.

16. Sh*t just got real.

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