Pretty Little Liars Preview: Is “A” Going to Kidnap One of the Little Liars?!

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During last week’s “Touched by an ‘A’-ngel” episode of Pretty Little Liars, “A” showed us just how close he/she is able to get to our little liars without them even realizing it. If Emily’s massage sesh isn’t proof of this, we don’t know what is. Talk about creepy!

This week on “I Must Confess,” one of the PLL stars goes missing. And from this sneak peek, we’re not sure if “A” has anything to do with it, but we wouldn’t be at all surprised actually we’re pretty sure “A” has everything to do with it.

Watch this clip from tonight’s ep and leave your guesses for “A” in the comments!

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What do you think happened to Emily? Did “A” kidnap her? And are we actually finding out who “A” is this season? Sound off with your predictions in the comments!