The Guys of Pretty Little Liars Past: Where Did These Hotties Go?!

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Pretty Little Liars‘ new season made its comeback last night and we noticed that there were a few characters who were completely M.I.A. Where were hotties Sean (Chuck Hittinger), Wren (Julian Morris) and Alex (Diego Boneta)?! Guess we sort of know what happened with Spencer’s ex boy toy Alex and Melissa’s ex Wren, but Sean ,who dated Hanna for like, ever, never really got an actual farewell. That’s why we’re dedicating this special hotties post to the PLL guys we’re totally missing!

Click on to see some hot pics of Diego, Chuck and Julian!

And even though the hotties are no longer on PLL, they’re definitely staying busy! You can catch Diego Boneta in 90210 and next year he’ll be in theaters with Rock of Ages. As for Julian Morris, he’s currently working on two films. And Chuck Hittinger, well, we haven’t heard anything about what he’s up to these days.

Do you miss any of these past PLL guys? Which one do you wish would come back? Tell us in the comments!