A Guide to Dressing Like Your Pretty Little Liars Fave This Halloween

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ABC Family

ABC Family

In Rosewood, Halloween is the perfect time for each resident to let the crazy out and make people do a double take. By abducting a bunch of teenagers and plopping them inside a scary, life-size dollhouse? By spending the entire duration of a party trapped in a box with the corpse of a corrupt law official? By collecting all the cans of chick peas in the world, while simultaneously stalking people from inside your secret lair? By accidentally shooting a man posing as her dead girlfriend’s cousin? No, no and no. We’re clearly referring to their fashion and dance moves. Considering how wild they are already, you can only imagine what goes down when October 31st rolls around!

That being said, the real question remains: What are you going to be for Halloween this year? As dedicated Pretty Little Liars fans, it’s a given we’re going to turn to our beloved drama series for inspiration. And so you don’t have to scramble at the last minute on the night before trick-or-treating or that spooky haunted house, we’ve compiled a list of items you’ll need in order to transform into your favorite PLL character! (Oh, and be sure to check out this list of rules you should keep in mind when choosing your costume.)

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