Pretty Little Liars Fans Play Detective, Tweet #WrenIsA

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Tumblr (prettylittleliarsfan)

Tumblr (prettylittleliarsfan)

Hearts are pounding after last night’s shocking episode of Pretty Little Liars, “Free Fall.” Spencer’s mother finds out about her pill-popping, Emily and Hanna are locked in at the zoo (with Spencer) and, most importantly, Aria learns of Ezra’s double life. But that double life isn’t what we all thought it was…

While the show itself has been urging its viewers to use the hashtag #EzraIsA, the latest ep leads us to believe that Aria’s love isn’t the one trying to kill Alison — he’s just a journalist looking to write a true crime novel about her. WHA-? Talk about a major cop-out. First, the creators wanted us to believe that Toby was “A,” but they took it back; now, they’re taking it back again?? Lame!

Fortunately, our friends over at PrettyLittleLiars.com are already on the case, and have found 40(!) reasons why another Rosewood hottie is actually the one-lettered villain: Wren Kingston. And they’re not even the only ones that suspect the good doctor:

Do you think Ezra’s lying to cover his own butt? Or are you on the side of the above fans tweeting #WrenIsA? Let’s discuss in the comments below, or on our Pretty Little Liars message board.

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