PLL Recap: ALL The OMG Moments From Last Night’s Finale

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Ok, we need a second here to wrap our heads around last night’s season finale of Pretty Little Liars. OH EM GEE! Now the girls are involved in another murder case?! Really?! REALLY?! And we found out that Ian killed Allison but that’s he’s NOT “A”? Really?! We did not see that one coming at all.

Normally we just count down our 5 fave moments from the episode (like we did here), but this one was just too juicy to narrow it down to five. So, let’s recap the entire episode via these pics, shall we?

Click through the gallery to relive the craziness of last night’s ep! What do you think was the craziest and most shocking moment? Will Emily move to Texas? Will Ian ever be found? Will Melissa blame Spencer? Will Caleb ever get to Hanna? Will Ezra and Aria break up? We have so many questions! If you have answers (or just predictions…) leave ’em in the comments!

Oh, and make sure you’re up-to-date on the ep’s best one-liners by matching the Liar to the Quote on PrettyLittleLiars.com!