PLL recap: 5 OMG Moments From “The Bad Seed”

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There was blood. And kissing. And fighting. Ya know, just another typical episode of Pretty Little Liars. Except this time, on last night’s episode “The Bad Seed,” Ian got super creepy, Caleb got super, well, naked, and Ezra got super awkward.

What else happened? Click on for our 5 most OMG moments from last night’s episode!

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1. As if Ian and Jenna weren’t creepy enough, the two have some sort of weird exchange at school where he hands her a suspicious package. We didn’t even know they knew each other! And apparently neither did Spencer…
2. Ezra and Aria‘s relationship gets kind of awkward when Aria decides to get involved with the school play that Ezra’s spearheading…she calls him “Ezra” in front of the whole cast. Yikes. Also? Ezra has drinks with Aria’s dad and makes Ezra nervous about what’s gonna happen when Aria heads off to college.
3. The girls find a suspicious weapon, a trophy covered in blood, in Ian’s bag. Turns out the blood was just of a rat and not of a human, so there goes their theory that Ian murdered Allison with it. Or, maybe not…
4. The girls also relive a frat party they had gone to with Allison, where a girl got thrown down the stairs by what seemed to be Ian. But then it turns out that Allison actually threw the girl down the stairs to get closer to Ian. Wow. So maybe Allison really was a “psycho stalker.”
5. Hanna and Caleb kiss. Finally! We could cut that sexual tension with a knife. The fact that Hanna jumped into the shower with him probably helped in that department.

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