11 Times Emison Fanfiction Was the Sexiest Thing on the Internet

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ABC Family may have changed its name to FreeForm, and Pretty Little Liars might have made a five-year time jump, but one thing we know that will always be a constant: Team Emison!!! Emily Fields and Alison DiLaurentis take #RelationshipGoals to a whole other level, which is why we are pleased to tell you that their fanfiction is just as hot, hot, HOT!

If you loved everything about those sexy Emison memes, then open the windows, roll up your sleeves and throw your hair into a bun, because the excerpts below are on fire. #TeamPaily? Don’t make us laugh.

1. Heart Full of Love“I have you right where I want you,” Allison said before seductively biting Emily’s bottom lip. Emily groaned as Ali started to leave a trail of love bites along Emily’s neck. She started kissing down Emily’s neck, making sure she planted extra kisses on her weak spot.

O.M.G. is getting hot in here or is that just us? Like, we seriously can’t handle the Emison feels right now. We want MORE!

2. A Love Of Art“I cut her off. Grabbing her lips firmly and planting my lips on hers. I push her back against her front door, biting her bottom lip. A transparent moan escapes from deep in her throat. I pull back slightly, looking into her eyes, batting my lashes at her seductively. ‘I can’t find the strength to stay away from you,’ I whisper into her ear.”

So, do us a all a favor and stop trying to find that strength! To quote the wise words of Selena Gomez, “The heart wants what it wants.” PS: Shout out to this author for writing in first person and making us question if we’re actually a character on PLL!

3. My Hidden Secret“I slowly start to caress her soft skin, starting from her cheek on downwards. Unfortunately though, her clothes made it hard for me to do so. No matter, I can always just play with her a little. I was about to do just that, when I felt something. I know I’m no A+ student in anatomy, but even I know this isn’t right. It felt like she was packing a little extra, but was she really? I wanted to be sure, so I did what my first instinct was, and that was to stick my hands in her pants. Surely enough, she was. But I couldn’t stop there, I kept on palming her m***** and and occasionally stroking the tip of it as I watch her facial expressions closely.”

Talk about a total plot twist! We did NOT see that coming, and, NGL, it’s a bit…unique. But we also don’t hate it. Like, at all…

4. More Than Friends“Our lips moved and moved and it was amazing. I never had such a good kiss. She asked with her tongue to come in my mouth, so I opened it. Our tongues fought with each other. She can turn me on so fast. We pulled away, catching breath.

Has I. Marlene King checked any of these out? Let’s start a movement to get these sent to her and scripted into PLL, stat! This was HOT HOT HOT!

5. You Look Like My Next Mistake“The kiss is heating up fast, they are still pressed against the wall…Emily is a moaning mess right now and Alison doesn’t know what she’s doing, all she knows is that she wants and needs Emily right now…After a while they’re both topless and Emily’s heavily breathing and Alison is sure that she’s the most beautiful creature in this universe.”

YASSS. An Emison shipper’s dream come true right now. This fic seems to be extra special because among all the sexiness, there’s still that portion of intense love that Alison clearly feels for Emily. *sigh*

6. Mermaid“Emily straddled Alison, now both hands pressed into the pillow besides Ali’s head. Emily’s knees pressed into the mattress on either side of Ali’s hips. Alison’s knee instinctively rose and pressed against Emily, causing the brunette to moan softly into Ali’s mouth and deepen the kiss. It could have been seconds; it could have been minutes; it could have been hours. Emily didn’t know. Everything vanished except the feel and taste of Alison.

We need tissues, because judge us you may, but that was the most beautiful thing ever. So what if it was sexy as heck?! Those girls love each other and just need to be together!

7. Don’t Let Me Go“I slowly leaned down and planted a soft kiss on her lips. It was like kissing a flower petal — her lips were so soft on mine. I kissed her harder, hungry for more. She put her legs around my waist and we stood back up; this time when she tried pushing me against the wall, it worked.

How can anyone not ship them after reading that?! We don’t get it. Emison is life!

8. Lost“I undressed her while our lips collided, our tongues fighting. She went down my collarbone and kissed my neck… Soft moans escaped my mouth. Emily was in charge, and me? I felt like falling in love.”

Besides that being quite possibly the sexiest make-out scene in the history of ever, it also made us melt — so cute. Keep telling us how you’re in love, Emison!!

9. Her Silence is DeafeningThe touch of Alison’s hands on Emily’s skin caused a soft moan to escape her lips. Control seemed impossible at this point. Passion grew between the girls as their kissing amplified. Emily could feel Alison fight for dominance, and this time she allowed it, because Emily knew that Alison needed this as much as she did. Alison let her hands roam Emily at first through her clothing, but after a certain amount of time, she found it wasn’t enough.

Deep breaths. Deep breaths… Screw that — keep bringin’ on the Emison action!

10. Best Night Ever“Alison slowly started to leave a trail of pecks down Emily’s neck. ‘Oh, Ali’ Emily groaned. She came back up to meet Emily’s lips, her kisses much needier than before, pulling Emily impossibly close. It felt like their bodies fit together perfectly, and that her lips belonged on hers. Emily hung on to Alison so tightly as she was biting her lip, gently nipping it and then kissing it, that she was so focused on that, and barely registered Alison’s fingertips on the waistband of her underwear.”

OMG. We can’t even deal, so excuse us while we go spend countless hours lost in Emison fanfcition.

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