7 Pretty Little Liars Favorites Who Totally Cheated on Their Significant Other

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There seems to be a toxic case of unfaithfulness on Pretty Little Liars. Among the parents alone, there are at least four different humans who committed infidelity: Aria’s dad, Byron, cheated on Aria’s mom, Ella, with a former substitute teacher at Rosewood High School, Meredith; Spencer’s dad, Peter, cheated on Spencer’s mom, Veronica, with Alison’s mom, Jessica; Alison’s mom, Jessica, cheated on Alison’s dad, Kenneth, with Spencer’s dad, Peter; Hanna’s dad, Tom, cheated on Hanna’s mom, Ashley, with Hanna’s stepmom, Isabel; Hanna’s dad, Tom, cheated on Hanna’s stepmom, Isabel, with Hanna’s mom, Ashley… Basically, the only parental relationship that remains untarnished in our minds is the one between Emily’s parents, Pam & Wayne (may he rest in peace).

So you can bet that when it came to the young people of Rosewood, there was plenty of cheating to go around. Without even including the smaller characters — Ian, Wren, Talia, Maggie, etc. — who are guilty of being unfaithful, there are still at least seven PLL favorites who totally cheated on their significant other. And here they are: