8 Sad Times the Pretty Little Liars Girls Were Placed in the Hospital

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Being hunted by ‘A,’ ‘Uber A,’ Red Coat, The A-Team, and a few rogue cops can be a dangerous business — especially when you decide to take on the bad guys yourself. During their time in Rosewood, the Pretty Little Liars girls had a few pretty close calls, some of which landed them in a hospital bed. As if high school wasn’t bad enough! But, if anyone can make a hospital gown look fashionable, it’s our five favorite troublemakers.

With the Season 7 premiere of the Freeform television series airing tonight(!), we’re taking a stroll down memory lane. Mind you, they’re not very good memories, but here’s a look at all of the ladies’ hospital moments to remind you of what you may need to prepare yourself for this season: