All the Beautiful Stars Who Look Like Clones of the Pretty Little Liars Girls

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As beautiful as Ashley Benson and Lucy Hale are, you’d be surprised to hear that their faces aren’t all that unique. Between the blonde beauty and brunette babe, there are at least 10 lookalike celebrities. (See here for Ashley’s and here for Lucy’s.) While none of the rest of the Pretty Little Liars cast members can say there are a handful of famous people with similar faces to theirs, there are still one or two out there that can fit the bill for each of the show’s leading ladies. Here are all the beautiful stars who look like clones of the PLL girls:

Shay Mitchell — Some say Demi Lovato bears a resemblance to the gorgeous PLL actress in some pictures, but it’s Naya Rivera who takes the cake almost 100% of the time. Even Shay and Naya have both called out their lookalike appearances on social media before. Shay once tweeted, “I met my doppelganger tonight @NayaRivera and had a dance party with the rest of the amazing cast of Glee.”

Troian Bellisario — We once thought that the woman who brought Spencer Hastings to life on the small screen had a one-of-a-kind look. But after multiple fans compared her to Rooney Mara and Alana Haim, there was no looking back. Boy, were we wrong.

Sasha Pieterse — We’ve called this out on multiple occasions, so why not add one more time to the list? The blonde-haired, blue-eyed star is a near-perfect replica of her Pretty Little Liars co-star, Ashley Benson.

Janel Parrish — While it may seem that Janel’s all over the place, you may actually be looking at Jasmine V, Disney’s The Descendants star Sofia Carson or, most notably, Malese Jow. Might wanna double check next time you find yourself wondering what JP’s doing on a rando CW show or something.

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