Pretty Little Liars Preview: Will “A” Lead the Little Liars to Alison’s Killer?

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ABC Family

So far this season on Pretty Little Liars, we’ve been getting a ton of clues on who could’ve killed Alison, but none have really led to anything solid. One thing is for sure though — “A” knows a lot not only about Hanna, Emily, Spencer and Aria, but also about who was behind Alison’s murder. Could “A” possibly want to lead the Little Liars to Alison’s murderer? Is “A” looking to help them solve Alison’s murder? Or is “A” just helping Alison’s murderer?

Click on to catch a preview’s from tonight’s ep “Blind Dates!”

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Pretty Little Liars airs tonight at 8pm on ABC Family! Do you think “A” is going to help the girls or could it be a death trap? What do you think is going to happen in tonight’s ep? Sound off in the comments!

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