Pretty Little Liars Recap: 5 Questions We Still Have After Last Night’s Ep!

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Okay, so who else thought that last night’s Pretty Little Liars episode “Blind Dates” was like a total eye opener?! It had us jumping out of our seats a few times too with all the suspense. And one thing is for sure though, we’re thrilled that we finally got some answers to questions we had like what happened to Ian, was Melissa seeing Ian and hiding it from everyone and what exactly Wren was doing for Melissa. Super great ep? We’d have to say, “Yes!”

If you missed last night’s “Blind Dates,” you might wanna read our recap!

1. What’s going on with Aria’s brother, Mike? We usually don’t see much of Mike during any ep, but last night he stood out and in a very odd way. Aria goes to the basketball court to take Mike his keys, but he’s nowhere to be found. We later find out that Mike has been going to his usual spot for months! What on earth has Mike been up to? We’re thinking maybe he should be added to the list of “A” suspects. He did end up blackmailing Aria after all.
2. Who vandalized Dr. Sullivan’s office? Okay, so we always tend to assume that “A” is the one doing all this dirty work, but could “A” really have been the one to vandalize the therapist’s office? Does “A” even have enough motive? The only way we totally think it could have been “A” is if “A” and Alison’s killer are one in the same. But whoever vandalized the office and left the words “Nosey Bitches Die” on the wall in red lipstick, also had a key to the place.
3. Will “A” use Melissa’s stolen wedding ring against Spencer? This question popped up right away on our minds, especially since we knew that “A” had gone in to buy the ring at the end of last week’s ep. Does “A” plan on telling Melissa that Spencer took the ring and pawned it? This would be a good way to turn Melissa against Spencer. We’re pretty sure she already feels that what happened to Ian is Spencer’s fault.
4. Did someone kill Ian or did he kill himself? So we now know that Ian is officially dead, but how exactly did this happen? They find him with the gun in hand, so it could mean that he shot himself. But seeing that the horseshoe which was at the pawn shop was missing from the barn makes us feel that Ian was most likely definitely killed. Could it have been “A?” If it was “A,” then why did “A” bother keeping him alive in the first place if the plan was to have him dead anyway?
5. Is a romance about to start brewing between Aria and Jason? Did anyone else notice the flirting with these two while Aria was the playground? It seems as though Jason might have always had a thing for Aria and Aria seemed a bit flattered by it. Has she forgetting about Ezra already? We’re thinking the chance of a love triangle happening is highly possible.

Did you watch PLL last night? What did you think of “Blind Dates?” Which part shocked you the most? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments!