The Pretty Little Liars Cast Proves That Pickup Lines Can Actually Work

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The Pretty Little Liars cast members are all about sharing their feelings. Seriously, Ashley Benson and Shay Mitchell share, like, everything on their Instagram accounts and we aren’t mad about it. That being said, the best thing we’ve heard in a while from the star-studded group: the best pickup lines that have ever been used on them. NGL, some of are pretty… interesting. Cheesy, sure, but what pickup line doesn’t have a little cheesiness?

Unlike the totally awkward Teen Wolf cast pickup lines, the PLL ladies (+1 gent) have found romance from the words used on them. FULL DISCLOSURE: There are few lines that have been used on the PLL men and women that you might want to steer away from, but overall, these are kind of foolproof for picking up a significant other.