11 Times Alison DiLaurentis Proved She’s Actually a Good Role Model

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Now that Pretty Little Liars is well into Season 6, there are even more unanswered questions that the show’s creators don’t seem to want to touch upon. So, to distract you from all the frustrating PLL plot twists and unknowns, we’ve rounded up facts that prove that Sasha Pieterse‘s conniving and clever character, Alison DiLaurentis, is actually a good role model.

Yes, we know what you’re thinking: Alison is the devil! We get it, she is totally crazy at times and horrible to a lot of people, but she does have redeeming qualities. For starters, she has saved the Liars lives a few times in the past and, truthfully, she just wants to feel safe and loved. (Don’t we all?) To see exactly why Ali is a good influence, check out our list below:

1. She LOVES herself. If there is one thing we know, it’s that Alison is all about loving who she is… even if no one else does. That’s totally admirable.


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2. During her court appearances where she actually looked remorseful. It is clear on Season 5 that she does feel bad for all the things she’s done in the past. If she had another chance, would she change it? Probably not, but the sadness in her eyes during court shows she does still feel terrible, which goes a long way. It’s not just good acting, people. It’s not possible!

3. That one time she saved Emily from dying in the barn. On Season 2, Emily almost dies when she is in a barn full of carbon dioxide, but Ali comes to her rescue and drags her to safety. That’s definitely a good deed.

4. Although she lies all the time, she does believe in the truth. When she’s not hiding secrets of her own, she’s usually blackmailing others into telling the truth. Sure, blackmailing is bad, but at least she strives for the truth to come out.

5. When she revealed how much she loves Emily. On Season 3, there is a flashback to Ali’s desire to run away to Paris with Emily, which proves her love for her was real and not part of a lie.

6. Ali is sassy and unique. Yes, she can be totally mean, but she is one-of-a-kind and that’s something we should all strive to be more like.

7. The time she saved her besties from a burning building. On Season 3, Ali (dressed in her red coat) saves the Liars from a burning house. This is so heroic, so obviously she’s not all bad.

8. Her hospital visit. When Ali visits Hanna in the hospital during Season 1, Hanna thinks it’s a hallucination, but it just proves that Ali cares for her and wanted to make sure she was fine — even if she ran the risk of getting caught.

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9. All of the times she gave perfect guy advice. She’s dated a few guys throughout the show (or talked about dating them) and she isn’t afraid to share her words of wisdom.

10. She isn’t scared to switch it up and take chances with her look. Confidence is Ali’s middle name and sometimes we wish we could rock as many looks as she does.

11. Honesty is the best policy — even for a known liar. Love her or hate her, Alison is definitely a brutally honest person.

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