The Top 6 Characters Fans Believe Could Be ‘A.D.’ on Pretty Little Liars

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For the last seven years, Pretty Little Liars has kept us on the edge of our seats. From season to season, a new mystery adds on and unfolds piece by piece (very slowly), and the liars have been consistently tormented and troubled by the puppet master (well, one of ’em) ‘A.’

While big reveals have rolled out during some seasons — Mona and Charlotte (a.k.a. “CeCe”) unmasked as two major villains being two such reveals — we have yet to get ALL the our answers we want… at least from the last few eps.

As the show comes to an end, though, consider the following fan theories as to who’s actually behind it all — who is A.D. on PLL? Here are the Internet’s best guesses before we (hopefully) find out on the series finale (or earlier):

1. Alison DiLaurentis — The show has revolved around her from the start. What if she planned her disappearance, death and return all as some sick game to torture Aria, Spencer, Emily and Hanna? This wouldn’t be drastically out of character in that we’ve seen her manipulate all of them at one point or another. ADDED BONUS: Her initials are A.D., so…

2. Mona Vanderwaal — She’s a genius — the show has made that clear. She’s definitely smart enough to pull off the entire ‘A’ game — it’s been proven that she has before. What if she never stopped, and it’s been Mona this whole time? Her inability to truly fit in with the liars’ clique may indicate her motive all along.



3. Spencer’s twin — While the television series has been known to stay true to the book series in some regards, this plot twist would pay homage to the original ‘A’ ending of Ali’s twin, Courtney. The show has dropped some clues that a Spencer twin could exist: from “Spencer’s” downright strange scene with Wren at the airport, to the fact that we’ve never seen Bethany Young’s face, to how Mary Drake had two babies at Radley. Uh oh…

4. Lucas Gottesman — He’s been an outsider from Day 1. His friendship with Hanna may be sweet on the surface, but what if it’s all part of his A.D. strategy? We know Alison bullied him relentlessly, and that he had a secret friendship with Charlotte in summer camp. He could be seeking revenge on the liars after years of bullying by Ali. He has the money — and brains — to pull it off, too.

5. Wren Kingston — Speaking of money and brains, years of clues have led us to believe Dr. Wren Kingston is involved in the whole ‘A’ operation. His recent cameo out of nowhere with Spencer, to his long disappearances and random reappearances could indicate he has a larger hand in the entire game.

6. Ezra Fitz — His stalking of Aria — which the show is finally beginning to recognize through some of Aria’s dialogue — always felt… off. His excuse for it all was writing a book. But really, who needs a lair to do that? We know he has a backstory with Alison, and what if on the episode in which he goes to the airport, it’s not to fly, but to, instead, meet Wren?

One good thing about the show ending: you won’t have to see your faves in the hospital anymore!