8 Pretty Little Liars Actors Who Already Booked Another Acting Gig

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While we’ve been busy trying to figure out what to do with our Tuesday nights ever since Pretty Little Liars officially ended in late June, the actors already have their sites set on new projects. We spent seven years following along as the characters chased down A (and Uber A and A.D., etc.) through Rosewood, and the main stars honestly started to feel like our friends.

After the finale aired and it was revealed that (spoiler!) Alex Drake was A.D, we had tons of questions that we still need answers. We’re crossing our fingers that one day we’ll learn all the secrets of the show, but it’s not looking too promising…especially since a majority of the cast has already moved on to new gigs. While we are so excited that they are moving on with their careers and doing some incredible things, it’s going to be so weird seeing them ditch the roles that made them household names.

Listening to the stars of Pretty Little Liars sing proved that they can do way more than just act, and now that the Freeform hit is over we get to see them venture out and take on roles that are way different than those they played for so long. We know that they’re already excellent at screaming, running and making us feel super paranoid whenever we get a call from an unknown number, but now we’ll see what else they can bring to the camera. From movie musicals where they’ll show off their dancing skills to horror movies that will make us have nightmares for the next week, the roles the PLL stars booked following the show’s end are pretty darn diverse. We’re already clearing our schedule to make sure that we can watch every small- and big-screen hit that the ex-Liars are going to be a part of, and you should, too!