PLL Recap: The 5 OMG Moments From “Je Suis Une Amie”

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OK, Pretty Little Liars fans. We’ll admit, we were kinda wrong yesterday. We suspected that things were going to heat up between Emily and Paige and that Caleb could potentially be the “friend” that the french title of the episode, “Je Suis Une Amie,” refers to. But, uh, we were wrong…

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That friend? It was actually Toby. And Emily and Paige? They’re actually totally fine! But click through the gallery to check out our top 5 OMG moments from last night’s episode and tell us: Do you want to see Toby and Spencer become friends?!

Oh, and! Be sure to check out PrettyLittleLiars.com‘s top 5 fave quotes from the episode and see if you could guess who said what! Our fave one-liner? “People lie, Aria. I mean, duh.”