‘Pretty Little Liars’ Star Lindsey Shaw Spills New Details About Paige

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Ever since finding out that Toby was part of the “A” Squad during the Pretty Little Liars finale back in August, fans have no doubt been on an emotional roller coaster. However, we’re sure many will be happy to hear that Lindsey Shaw, who plays Emily’s GF and former top “A” suspect Paige, has reassured fans that the PLL gals can “trust” her character.

Lindsey recently chatted with Wetpaint about Paige, the upcoming Halloween episode of the hit ABC Family show, and how she’s “very much” on the Liars‘ side.

“Paige is very much on the girls’ side and getting her hands dirty with all the mischief that goes on, on the train where the Halloween episode takes place. It’s absolutely insane. It is truly like a horror film, and the costumes and makeup, the hair, insane. The amount of manpower that it took to achieve that every day was mind boggling, but it’s a beautiful episode. It’s just like, you look around, you can’t believe there’s a room filled with people dressed like this. It’s awesome,” Lindsey said.

Also, it looks like actions speak louder than words (literally) for what’s coming up in the spooky Halloween episode. Lindsey said, “[Paige] helps them with everything that goes down on the train. And there’s nothing spoken between them, but between her friends and Paige, certainly with Spencer, there’s a moment where it’s solidified that Paige is a good guy which is really kind of cool.”

We’re sure that will be a huge relief for Emily!

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