Pretty Little Liars Recap: 5 Questions We’re Still Asking After Last Night’s Ep!

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So last night’s “Touched by an ‘A’-ngel” episode of Pretty Little Liars might not have been as good as last week‘s, but we definitely learned a few things. Like how hiding things became a habit for Alison, which we could’ve guessed, and how “A” is really giving it hard to Emily these days. Poor girl.

Read our recap and see what questions we’re still asking after watching last night!

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1. Is this the beginning of the end for Aria and Ezra? Ezra and Aria’s relationship has been on the rocks lately and we thought with him leaving Rosewood High things would have gotten a whole lot easier, but they haven’t. Between Jackie always flirting with Ezra and Aria’s feelings for Jason, it sort of inevitable for these two to make their way to splitsville. But last night really put the cherry on top of this issue with Aria’s mom declaring how she’d feel if she found out Ezra had really been dating a student. Awkward.
2. What exactly is the “N.A.T Club” connection? As Spencer is snooping through Ian’s things, we find out that Jason, Garrett and Ian were all part of the “N.A.T” club in high school, which means “We See All.” Does that mean that Jason, Garrett and Ian are the keepers of a ton of secrets in Rosewood? Or does it just mean they’re peeping Toms? So. Confused.
3. Could “A” be more than one person? All this time we’ve been focusing on “A” being one person, but Spencer made a point that we think makes a whole lot of sense; is “A” a group of people? We could definitely see this considering there’s more than one person trying to keep Alison’s death a mystery like Jenna and Garrett. And for some reason, we’re sort of on the fence as to whether we should add Jason to the list of “A” suspects.
4. Was Jason telling Aria the truth about the creepy pics? Okay, call us naive but we kinda believed Jason when he said the pictures of Aria were taken by Alison. Let’s face it, Alison was weird and a terrible friend. But was Jason just saying she took them to cover up for his creepiness?
5. Why is Jenna trying so hard to keep the Little Liars from looking for clues? Jenna showed up to Spencer’s house to “warn” (let’s be serious, this was a threat) her not to keep snooping around for clues or her and Toby were going to get hurt. But if Jenna didn’t kill Alison, why does she care so much about Spencer finding out who did it? And if it really isn’t her, although it really seems like it could;ve been, then who is she covering for? Garrett?