The YouTube Couple You Never Thought Would Break Up Has Called it Quits

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It’s time to make room to add another couple to the list of YouTube pairs who filmed videos together after breaking up. We honestly cannot even believe we’re about to say this, but Jesse Wellens and Jeana Smith (a.k.a PrankvsPrank and BFvsGF on YT) have called it quits after 10 years of dating. NGL, we haven’t been so shocked about a breakup since Marcus Butler and Niomi Smart announced their separation months ago.

The longtime couple revealed their decision to split in an emotional YouTube video called “A NEW CHAPTER.”

“For some while now, we’ve been having a lot of issues in our relationship and it’s been hard. A lot of stuff goes on that we don’t record, of course…” the 33-year-old man started. “Jeana and I are going to take a break from vlogging, we’re going to take a break from each other… we’re just going to take some time off.”

Even the blonde then went on to say that even though people assumed their relationship was “perfect,” there was a lot of hardships they didn’t show in their videos. Both Jesse and Jeana were visibly emotional as they told their audience their decision, and said it’s “absolutely a very difficult, sad and upsetting time.”

As for their joint YouTube channels that have garnered millions of subscribers over the past 7 years? “We don’t know yet,” both of them said. Our hearts go out to the pair at the very difficult time, and we hope some time apart helps them clear their heads and find happiness again.


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