Days After Announcing Shocking Split, YouTuber Reveals He Secretly Has a Kid!

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If you thought the news of Jesse Wellens and Jeana Smith’s breakup was shocking, you better hold on to your hats for the bomb we’re about to drop — one half of former YouTube couple PrankvsPrank just revealed that he might have a secret daughter… and he’s trying to find her.

The 33-year-old guy shocked the world when he tweeted two notes, claiming that he is potentially the dad to a 14-year-old girl who he’s never met.

“What if I told you I might have a 14yr daughter I never met? And she watches my videos and doesn’t know I’m her dad. This is the honest to god truth. I been keeping something crazy from you guys. I can’t keep it in anymore.”

Seeing as Jesse quickly deleted the tweets, however, people thought maybe he had been hacked, or was taking his classic tricks to another level. But a few hours later, the YouTuber confirmed that “it’s not” a prank and he IS, in fact, searching for his long-lost child that he potentially had when he was about 19 years old.

Whoa. There’s no word if the brunette’s news was a contributing factor to the couple’s split, but he DID reveal that he was planning on moving from Philadelphia to New York City (which is consistent with him wanting to find the girl) in the breakup-reveal video.

We cannot imagine what both Jesse and Jeana are going through right now, and we sincerely hope they get answers ASAP.


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