‘Powerpuff Girls’ Making Return to TV: Will You Watch?

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Cartoon Network

After an almost eight year-hiatus, The Powerpuff Girls are coming back to the television world! The popular cartoon series premiered on (where else?) the Cartoon Network back in 1998, and launched a global phenomenon. Crime-fighting trip Buettercup, Blossom, and Bubbles were loved by millions as they fought crime in Townsville, and sometimes, the world.

However, the Cartoon Network has decided to bring the gals out of hiding, and air a special featuring all the original voice actors. The only catch? The PP girls will be computer-generated for the special, and will have a brand-new look to them.

Below is a sneak peek of how the new and improved (?) Powerpuff Girls will look.



No word on exactly when it will air, (some time “later this year”) but the legendary Ringo Starr from The Beatles will perform an original song titled, “I Wish I Was A Powerpuff Girl.” They’re going all out!

While many are certainly excited for their return, we want to know what YOU think. Will you be tuning in to the Powrpuff Girls special? Let us know by casting your vote in the poll!

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