How Diversity Plays an Important Role in the Upcoming Power Rangers Movie

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The ’90s edition of Power Rangers is one of the most iconic kids’ TV series of the decade. Think about it: How many television shows featured young stars of all different backgrounds (black, white, Asian) kicking butt — LITERALLY — especially 20 years ago? … Betcha can’t think of any others.

That’s why when Lionsgate decided to make a reboot movie, based on the legendary characters, the studio had a lot to live up to. And it looks like, as far as casting goes, the company knew that. Among the core five talents, you have an Australian-Canadian (Dacre Montgomery), a British-Indian (Naomi Scott), a Latina-American (Becky G), an African-American (RJ Cyler) and a Chinese-Canadian (Ludi Lin). HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!

Of course, the decision to change up the backgrounds of the characters wasn’t met with absolute positivity by the public. While some see it as a step forward to cast an Asian actress in a role that was originally played by a white woman or cast a black actor in a part that was OG portrayed by a white guy, not everyone feels the same way.



So, when we caught up with the fivesome on the Vancouver set of the film in May 2016, we asked the group for its thoughts on the somewhat controversial topic:

Here are Dacre’s thoughts on the diverse cast!