12 Movies That Were Released After An Actor’s Death

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Tumblr (oupacademic)

Tumblr (oupacademic)

The new movie Brick Mansions has been released. It’s one of the last projects the late Paul Walker worked on before he was killed in a car accident last November. It’s hardly the first instance of a film being released after one of its actors has passed away. If the actor was steadily working before his or her death, it’s only natural that they would have some projects waiting to be released or maybe even not yet finished. Philip Seymour Hoffman, for instance, has a number of movies coming out this year, including the new The Hunger Games.

Let’s look back at some of the most famous examples of actors’ movies being released posthumously. For a lot of them, because the actor’s career was so long and varied, it’s easy to forget the circumstances under which the projects came out.

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