The Reason Why Justin Bieber Was Choked Actually Makes a Ton of Sense

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Even the most hardcore of Beliebers can admit that Justin Bieber has done some pretty effed up things in the past. Back in 2014, the “Company” crooner was allegedly punched by Selena Gomez’s then-fling Orlando Bloom after claiming he had sex with Miranda Kerr, which many people thought he had coming for quite some time. Flash forward to today, and The Biebs has (somewhat) managed to keep himself out of trouble… but apparently everyone has their slip-ups.

The 22-year-old is currently on tour with rapper Post Malone, and the two artists seem to be having a great time together on the road. In fact, the pair gets along so well that they hang out off stage, too, and frequently have late-night parties at various clubs around the country.


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But their time together turned sour recently, when JB and Post attended a Houston nightclub together and Selena’s ex decided it would be a good idea to put out his cigarette on his tourmate’s arm — and it was all caught on video!! Although the 20 year old continued performing “White Iverson” without being fazed, it’s clear that Justin’s intention was to distract (and maybe even hurt) him. WTF???

Shortly after TMZ released the vid of The Biebs’ ashtray confusion, The Daily Mail obtained photos of Post retaliating against him by wrapping his left hand around his throat. As we mentioned, there are only photos of the choking incident, so we’re not sure went on before and after the rapper decided to put his hand on the singer’s neck. The boys definitely could’ve just been having a playful spat, but it’s also entirely possible that Post was not a fan of being used as an ashtray and wanted get that point across to Justin. Violence is never the answer, kids, but neither is burning your friends.

Although none of them have been physical, many celebs have dissed JB in the past: