16 Popular Words That Changed Meaning in 2016

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Like any other period in time, 2016 was a year that produced many new slang words. Some of these words were more like acronyms — AF and TBH are probably the biggest examples of those — while others were words that we’ve always known about, but they now mean something different. I don’t know where new slang words come from (although I suspect it is a group of Cool Internet Teens influencing the world), but I do know that once they get picked up, they can be hard to shake. Remember when we all started saying bae and figured it would die out quickly? It’s still very much here.

There has definitely been at least one moment this year where you’ve said one of these words, and your parents have said something like, “What? What does that even mean? That doesn’t make sense.” Last year, we were introduced to the sexual form of “daddy” and some less offensive words, like “lit” and “tea” and “bop.” This year is just as interesting, just as random, and just as slightly confusing, even though you never want to admit you’re confused because dong so automatically makes you a boring mom. What parts of the English language did the Internet take over this year? Here are some words that changed meaning in 2016:

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