6 Viners Who Seem Cool in Their Videos, But Are Actually D-Bags IRL

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Sometimes famous people get so caught up in their success that they forget to be decent human beings. It sounds harsh, but it’s totally true! Like, think about Justin Bieber. He was a sweet, harmless preteen before he became an international superstar. And after a few years, his fame and fortune had turned him into a legitimate a-hole. He was regularly making headlines for his inexcusable behavior, from getting a DUI to blurting out racist jokes. And let’s not even talk about that gross public urination ordeal. But eventually, he learned from his mistakes (…or realized he was ruining his career forever) and redeemed himself with heartfelt apologies and promises to make better choices.

Spoiler alert: That’s not usually how it goes for Viners. Over the past few years, we’ve seen dozens of Vine stars get slammed for saying super-offensive stuff and sometimes even committing major crimes. But unlike the Biebs, many Viners aren’t into becoming better people — they just act like everyone else is out to get them! (Shoutout to the Vine star who sexually assaulted his own girlfriend and then blamed her for it; let’s not even use his name because the guy seriously does not deserve any more fame.) There are a bunch of Viners who seemed like really cool guys… until we all found out that they’re actually real-life d-bags. (And we’re not just talking about their embarrassingly over-the-top Insta selfies, although those should be enough proof on their own.) Take a look: