11 Teen Television Shows That Started Off Great, But Got Terrible Over Time

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When you fall in love with a new show, you usually spend every minute you have to spare binge-watching all episodes available while starting to follow every lead actor on Instagram and Twitter, YouTubing their promotional interviews and searching for fanfiction online — or is that just us? No matter how intense your obsession is at one point, we’ve all also probably experienced that moment where seemingly all of a sudden we just don’t give an eff about the show anymore. Maybe you haven’t tuned in for weeks or maybe you notice that you are technically watching, but you’re actually just scrolling on IG as the series plays in the background. While maybe you’re just distracted because life is crazy, a lot of the time it’s just because unfortunately, the television drama or comedy kind of got bad.

It’s a tough pill to swallow and it definitely can feel like a loss — maybe even a breakup. Something you once loved isn’t around anymore and has been replaced by this monster wearing your favorite TV program’s face. Sorry, are we being dramatic? Either way, shows taking a turn for the worst is something that happens ALL. THE. TIME. — especially when it comes to shows that have been on for a bajillion seasons and have to deal with cast members coming and going like it’s NBD. The 11 programs on this list were awesome in their glory days, but sadly got pretty effing bad as the seasons progressed… at least, according to former fanatics on Reddit: