8 Popular TV Ex Couples That Should Have Ended Up Together

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As somebody who loves to binge watch shows, I find myself getting waaaaay too attached to fictional characters. I prefer to watch streaming shows that have already ended so that I don’t have to go through the agony of anxiously waiting for new episodes every week. This makes me instantly fall in love with way too many characters and couples, and I end up getting really passionate about who they end up with. After all, I just want what’s best for them, which is pretty silly because they are not actually real. But anyway, certain TV shows get it right: Seth and Summer end up together on The OC, and Jim and Pam stay together on The Office. But then, there are a select few shows that let their characters end up with someone they don’t belong with. And I, along with other fans, get very mad about it.

Certain characters just go through so much together that seeing them split up can almost be as heartbreaking as watching, say, your favorite friend couple end things. As fans who have loved and supported them from the beginning, you just want what’s best for them! Not to say that every ~original~ couple should stay together, but so many couples are actually great examples of good relationships, so it would be nice to see a happy ending. If you’ve dealt with your favorite fictional baes breaking up and can understand what I’m saying, then check out these ex TV couples who should have ended up together. Maybe your faves made the list!

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