11 Popular TV Boyfriends Who are Problematic AF

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There are a few good TV boyfriends out there: Seth Cohen from The OC, Ben Wyatt from Parks And Rec, Tim Riggins from Friday Night Lights (well, kind of). But what about all your fave TV boyfriends who are actually problematic? You know, the ones who are cute and ~dreamy~ but actually say and do dumb stuff? What does it even mean to be problematic? Let me break it down for you: a problematic boyfriend isn’t necessarily an abusive boyfriend, but he can make some stupid decisions, like punch people or start fights for no reason, and that makes them problematic. You want to love him, and most of the time you do, but every once in a while, your favorite TV boyfriend will do something so stupid, you have to label him as your #ProblematicFave.

There’s nothing wrong with having a problematic fave, as long as you are aware that some of their actions are a little unacceptable. Sure, Ezra from Pretty Little Liars is cute, but you have to realize that there is no WAY you should ever date a teacher IRL. So, next time you watch your favorite TV show, you might have to realize it’s time to stop idolizing boys who are actually pretty sucky. Here are some examples of TV boyfriends everybody loves, even though they can be awful:

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