10 Popular Singles That Surprisingly Never Made it Onto an Album

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popular singles not on album

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Is there anything better than a really good bop? Whether you call it a jam, a banger or a wig-snatcher, we stan a good hit single so hard. Seriously, play “New Rules” by Dua Lipa once and we will be strutting the streets. Same thing goes for practically anything by Shawn Mendes or Taylor Swift. We can even throw it back a little bit and mention the tracks on Katy Perry‘s Teenage Dream album. One word: ICONIC.

Sometimes, some of our favorite hit singles are just that: a single. For whatever reason, the artist behind the track decides not to include it on an album for, a lot of times, no reason at all. Although this doesn’t always make a ton of sense — why wouldn’t you put one of your most popular songs on your album?? — it happens a little more frequently than you think.